the clown, the fool, the trip, the awkward, the wrong way, the playfulness, the crash, the hidden face, the tears, the turmoil, the crisis, the despair, the earthquake, the mistake, the explosion, the passion, the party, the twist, the scream, the laugh, the frenzy, the hallucination, the lie, the truth, the fall, the flight.


the sublime, the stillness, the retina, the impossible, the fantastic, the art of darkness, the symbol, the mesmerising, the flash, the fade, the light, the nonsense, the unnormal, the shadow, the crack, the mirage, the unwords.


the story, the presence, the heart, the will, the fight, the moment, the now, the mind, the blood, the sweat, the sex, the stench, the hero, the lost, the found, the home, the dance, the song, the ecstasy, the beggar, the refugee, the dog, the moon, the dream, the poem.

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